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Waterless Urinal
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The idea of Waterless Urinal was mainly driven by the needs of
arid areas, where water is too vital to waste and in multi story building to reduce the cost of water supply. Waterless urinals collect undiluted urine which can be easily treated and can be used as N-rich liquid fertilizer without using (wasting) potable water.

What is Waterless Urinal?

Our Waterless Urinal Attachment is designed using membrane stench barrier technology of high quality plastic material. The urine passes through this membrane, which then closes when the urine flow stops and effectively seals the urine outlet, preventing smell. This attachment can be fixed to any wall mounted ceramic bowls available in the market. The outlet of this attachment can be connected to P V C pipe of any diameter fixed to urine collection system.


Health Impact :- Waterless urinals are more hygienic than most water flushed systems, as no contact with the receptacle is required. The urinals enable a hygienic collection of urine with no risk of feacal cross contamination.


By using waterless urinal attachment not only water can be conserved but also costs of water and wastewater can be saved. The collected urine if it is going to be used as a fertilizer can be sold to farmers, or used at household level to increase harvests from gardens.

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