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Sanitation is a way of life as it helps in keeping the humanity in the best state of health. Over 80 percent of households in rural India and more than half in urban areas lack access to sanitation. With proper disposal of human waste, may of the sanitation related diseases could be minimized. Most cities and villages in India face serious threat socially as well as water management systems. Where conventional waterborne sewerage systems exits, human wastes are flushed away with huge amounts of scare fresh water is polluting rivers and the drinking water sources. To overcome this problem, may countries have made a paradigm shift to provide sustainable sanitation called Ecological Sanitation “Eco San”.

What is Eco San?

Ecosan is broad term used to describe an environmentally friendly way to recycle human waste. This technology conserve, protect water resources and facilitate economically and socially sustainable waste and waste water management at the local level. All the major rivers in India are heavily polluted and 70 per cent of this from sewage. More over the demands for water is increasing from all sectors including agriculture, industry and drinking. Ecosan is an ideal option for low income families in India.
We have designed and manufacturing scenically efficient and hygienically the best ceramic Eco San sanitary wares both in Indian as well as European design. The specialty of our Eco San squatting platform is that the faces, urine and wash water are collected separately and after proper treatment the separated substances can be converted into soil conditioner, fertilize and for irrigation purposes. In this way both people’s health and the state of the environment are protected by preventing germs from spreading.
Thus human waste is turned in to wealth. As a result substantial quantity of water is conserved for the benefit of human habitat.

Features of Eco San:

  • No flushing water is required.
  • Eco friendly fertilizer provides high quality manure.
  • Can be constructed in different hydro-geological and socio-economic conditions.
    It is hygienically the best and effective and efficient for all time use by both rural and urban population.
    > Keep a bucket full of locally available soil inside the latrine. Spread (cover) the soil on excreta after each use.
    > Clean the floor and sanitary wares with broom or wet cloth. Wash hand using soap or ash after defection.
    > Do not use caustic soda, acid and other detergents for cleaning the latrine.
    > Do not allow urine, rain water, kitchen or bath water waste to mix with the excreta.

Many Benefits of Ecosan:

Ecosan improves HEALTH
Ecosan minimize the large quality of water produced by flush toilets, which is a key factor in contamination as well as pollution from human excreta into the water cycle.

Ecosan Leads to DIGNITY

Dry toilets, are a significant improvements over pit toilets or open urination and defecation.  Ecosan toilets can offer increased privacy, comfort and security for girls and female members of the family.

Ecosan Conserves WATER

Since Ecosan dose not use water as a means to the disposal of human waste, substantial quantity of water is conserved and preserved.

Installation of the Eco San

The rim of the squatting platform is installed horizontally. Connect the one end of Hosepipe/Plastic pipe to the outlet of Urinal Section through PVC nozzle provided and other end to the air-tight container for Urine Collection.
Keep the bucket full of locally available soil inside the latrine and cover the excreta to avoid foul smell and any danger from flied and insects. Keep the round PVC cover handy and cover the faces section after use.

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